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Whether you have a contractual requirement to gain certification to a recognised quality standard or are one of the growing numbers of organisations looking for improved processes, AMBER Consulting can provide you with a Quality Management System to meet your requirements.
Whatever your business, you will be aware of the need to provide a quality product and service to meet the expectations of your customers. The implementation of an effective quality management system (QMS) offers a clearly structured, systematic approach to improving the customer experience,  thereby AMBER Consulting can help you to meet your organisational aims and objectives.
There are a number of key reported benefits from implementing a QMS including:
  • improved product and service quality with expected improvement in customer satisfaction to aid business retention and win new business


  • clear objectives and related process improvements that ensure you are doing the right things for the right reasons


  • reduction in fault or error rates leading to improved productivity and reduced waste that can have clear financial benefits


AMBER Consulting can provide you with the following services:
  • Write a quality policy on what you trying to achieve, i.e. your vision and values for the business


  • Help you to implement waste minimisation programmes


  • Write you a quality manual - which specifically addresses your requirements and any standards and includes process maps


  • Setting and monitoring of objectives to measure the performance of the key processes


  • Development of processes for continual improvement


  • Improving focus on team building


  • Internal auditing to your requirements and compliance auditing to standards



AMBER Consulting will not only guide you through assessments, but will provide you with the complete service that will help you towards achieving and maintaining certification.
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