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AMBER Consulting can provide you with the following services:
  • assistance to environmental management ISO14001


  • identifying and minimising pollution risks


  • identifying the environmental legislation you need to comply with, and ensuring you do so


  • helping with applications for environmental permits, licences and authorisations


  • reviewing your business' impact on the environment


  • carrying out a waste or energy audit of your business


  • offering advice on specific issues - pollution-abatement equipment, for example


  • helping you draw up suitable policies, strategies and procedures


  • liaising with officials from regulatory bodies and attending meetings and giving presentations  on your behalf


  • producing reports and statistics on your environmental performance and opportunities for making cost savings


  • training staff
An Environmental Management System will provide you with a framework for managing your business environmental performance.
This will help you to:
  • Achieve ISO14001


  • Comply with environment legislation


  • Manage your environmental risks


  • Assist you in identifying potential cost saving schemes


  • Help you manage your waste better
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